Brandosea builds professional-looking websites. Our web designs reinforce your company’s brand image and help you attract new visitors and followers. You want your website to look and feel trustworthy and credible. That’s exactly what we do. We will create a lasting, first impression.

The Services We Offer:

Complete Website Building

In this digital world, everyone needs a website. Brandosea will build a highly functional website from scratch, enabling you to focus on other critical aspects to make your venture an absolute success.

Regular Website Maintenance

The internet world is fast and evolving. Updating and maintaining a website regularly is the key to make it profitable and productive for visitors. Our maintenance team will always keep it up to date.

Redesigning a Website

Do you have a website that is a hindrance to achieving your desired goals? We will analyze your current website, identify and fix the problems. Our website team will create a custom action plan to revamp your website.

SEO Optimization

SEO Rankings are an important factor to increase the visibility of your webpage. Our SEO experts will utilize the top tools to improve your SEO rankings to drive more organic traffic to your website

Our Website Design Process

Identify Goals & Objectives

Our expert team of Web designers will have a comprehensive consultation session with our client to determine and set the goals and purpose of their website to kick start the process

Defining Scope

The next crucial step is to define the website’s scope. In this step, we will recommend the webpages and features that must be present in a website to fulfill the goals and objectives of the website.

Building Sitemaps & Wireframes

In this level, we start building the foundation of a website by creating Sitemaps which explains the relationship between content and pages, and later design a wireframe to polish the sitemap.

Content Creation

SEO optimized content is imperative to enhance the visibility and ranking of a webpage in search engine results. In this process, we provide custom written content for individual pages of the website.

Visual Design

Visual Elements play an active role in the success of a website. Our designers will create a striking visual style for the website that is appealing and communicates every information suitably.

Testing Phase

Testing is the most crucial step before the website goes live. In this stage, we thoroughly check for errors and loading issues by a manual process and automated site crawlers and fix them to provide a seamless experience.

Final Launch

After stringent tests, it finally time to launch the website. Our team will come up with the best communication and timing plans to ensure that the website launch venture is a successful one.

Brandosea can do it all

Brandosea is your best choice, whether you want to update your current website, or create a new one. Over the years, Brandosea’s team of web designers has worked with a variety of business industries and niches. Our team can modify your existing website and enhance it with customized plugins and applications. On top of customized website design, we’ll make sure that your website is user-friendly and optimized for search engines (SEO). Brandosea has a dedicated SEO team. Our SEO analysis combines business trends with customer psychology to identify when and how potential customers will search for your products.

Redesigning a Website

At Brandosea, we completely understand the importance of creativity in web design and development. Creativity is at the forefront of our design team’s passion and quality. Our creativity permits us to either customize an existing webpage or design an entirely new one based on our clients’ requirements and needs. Having worked with many diverse businesses, we know that each client has a different vision and expectations for how their website should appear and function. We’re happy to help bring your vision to life. You can trust Brandosea to create a final product that you’ll be completely satisfied with.

We have the expertise and experience

Our expertise and ability allows us to easily convert websites on WordPress. Not only that, but we also understand the importance of speed and timing. Brandosea ensures that we build your web pages in a way that ensures maximum loading speed whether the user is on a laptop, desktop, or mobile device. We want to minimize any delay in loading your web pages so that your customers can see your products quickly. All in all, we can design a customized website for you. You can trust our experts to provide you with the best website development solutions.

Fair and transparent pricing

At Brandosea, we believe in transparency, and we consider our clients to be our partners. We make it a rule not to overcharge our clients by billing hidden fees. We’re a business, too, and we don’t want to be surprised with extra charges. Brandosea’s approach is to take our customers through the entire process of the web design, and advising you of the hourly rate in order to eliminate any ambiguity. We design websites according to your requirements, at rates that are affordable and bring value to your business. Moreover, we make sure that the website that we produce meets your business’s creative and technical needs.

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