Graphic design is essential as a channel of communication between your business and your audience. Businesses around the world are making profits through graphics at almost every stage of the marketing funnel.  Businesses are using graphics to delight, inform, and most importantly, persuade their targeted audience to purchase their products or services. 

You see graphics everywhere.  Whether it is an upcoming workshop, a new offer, or an event; you have to rely on graphics to create an attractive flyer, pamphlet, or a banner to cpature your audience’s attention. It’s a ready know fact that around 90% of the information transmitted into our human brain is visual.  Businesses have noticed too.  That’s why they invest eye-catchy brochures, logos, and signage. It’s good for business!

In this article, we will discuss how graphic design is so important for any business and how you, as a business owner, can enhance the reputation of your company with the help of proper graphic design that ultimately lead to higher sales.  

Why Graphic Design is Important

In the modern era of strong competition between businesses, graphic design plays a big role in capturing eyeballs.  Businesses need impressive marketing materials to promote their products and services, with the goal of gaining sales leads and growing customers.

As mentioned earlier, graphic design can act as a channel of communication between entrepreneurs and the target audience. It’s a good idea to leave graphic design to a professional while you take care of growing your business.   

According to Inc, around 65 per cent of the total population is categorized as visual or spatial learners. That means two-thirds of your potential customers respond to a graphic. This is where a professional graphic designer comes in.  A professional graphic designer can effectively communicate messages about your business in an appealing and efficient way.

There are five reasons why graphic design is important for your business to turn more profit.

1.  The first impression matters the most

The first time any person interacts with your brand will make an impression on them that is going to last throughout your business relationship. Whatever advertising you use –

your business website, a flyer, an online ad, or maybe a business card – it’s the first impression of your business. The more positive and attractive the design, the better the impression is going to be.  

Banner design, graphic design
Graphic design, banner design for La journée de la cuisine haïtienne company

2.  Efficient summary

Graphic design plays a vital role in any sort of business that wants to share information with ease. According to a Hubspot report, infographics are liked and shared around 3x more than any other type of content. Infographics are a great way to summarize information and enable your audience to quickly read and understand your content. 

3.  Building trust

Graphic design comes in handy when businesses want to create credibility in their field or industry. For instance, if your organization decides to create content that will help people in getting their problems solved, they will surely turn to you for advice again in the future. So if you are consistent in content creation, you will succeed in building a specific following of people who will learn to rely on you and your brand in times of need

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4.  Slaying competition with creativity

Masterful graphic design will slay your competition every time!  The more creative you are with graphic design, the more people are likely to turn to you.  Consider creating content that serves as a problem solver or pain reliever for your audience in an innovative way.

It has never been easier to create content with tons of free online design tools available. While these free gadgets get you a low barrier entry in the world of content creation where you can build your brand, you will find yourself surrounded by a lot of competitors.  Instead, choose professional graphic design.

5.  Your message matters

Graphic design serves as a key element for any business when it comes to telling the story. Whether you are a part of a multi-million organization or are a solopreneur selling homemade goods, your business is always going to have a story to tell.

As graphic design communicates with your audience with more than mere words, you can portray your emotions and feelings to your audience much clearly with even simple design elements such as color scheme or font choice. The message of your business in all of your graphics might differ a bit, however, make sure that all tell the same story regarding your brand. 

Graphic Design and Marketing

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The importance of graphic design in marketing is something that can not be overlooked. Everything comes to a specific design. For instance, you go through the menu cards of different restaurants to order something of your choice. One thing you will notice is that most of the restaurants are offering similar items to other restaurants however the menu card seems quite different due to its unique design.

Graphic design determines how a person perceives a certain product. Psychology and marketing go hand in hand. Therefore, graphic designing can make you feel in a certain way or can evoke specific responses. For instance, color is such an important tool in graphic design. Colors can be used to organize content, attract the attention of your customers, and make a design seem aesthetically pleasing.

Therefore, the importance of color in graphic design can not be neglected as it directly connects to the psychology of your customers. Also, graphic design is generally the visual representation of what a certain business is all about, what it offers, and what is its category.

If you, being a business owner, implement perfect graphic design strategies to introduce your business to the masses, there is a good chance that your business will thrive at a much faster pace. This is because the eye-catchy graphic design leaves a permanent impression on the client’s memory. If it is a good impression, they will certainly consider researching your products and services, if it is bad, they won’t even bother to take interest in what you are offering.  

Customer Service in Graphic Design

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The intensifying competition among brands is a war that is constantly being fought in a new battleground known as “customer experience”. Every brand is striving to improve the experience of its customers by implementing top-notch strategies.

Customer service is something that assists the organization to improve the overall experience of the customer. Customer service support is an essential element for any business as the clients can directly connect to experts of any business to get their issues resolved which ultimately improves their experience regarding the organization.

When it comes to graphic design customer service, just like any other business, clients expect exclusive support or help whenever they end up in a problem. However, the following are certain tips to avoid the customers facing any problems after the order is delivered:

●     Promise only the things that you can deliver accurately

●     Listen to what the customer has to say clearly

●     Be honest and truthful

●     Keep in touch with your clients at all stages

Graphic Design Service Pricing

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Charges for graphic design services differ according to countries and expertise. Simpler designs surely cost less as compared to more complex designs with revisions. To give you a brief idea, some designers will charge a minimum of $15 an hour. However, other designers cost hundreds of dollars an hour for complex jobs.

An average estimate is around $45 an hour for graphic designers. When it comes to paying by project, a graphic designer might charge around $100 for a simple logo design. A simple logo design is generally a logo of a company having a well-defined unique mark and the company’s name. 

If you opt for a more professional design that has intricate patterns along with complex lettering, the price of the design will surely increase as it requires more time and hard work. What you should expect from a professional graphic designer is a clear, professional, and uniquely finished design that is worth a few hundred dollars. 


The importance of graphic design for your business can not be overlooked. It serves as a complete communication channel between your clients and your organization. Colorful pictures on flyers, banners, and pamphlets are quite hard to ignore as compared to text. Therefore, if you want your clients to be informed about any latest offer or upcoming event of your business, you must have to rely on graphic design to gain the attention of the masses. 

In addition to informing your audience about your products, services, or events; visuals in graphic design are more likely to leave a permanent impression of your brand through your logo on the memory of your client. Whenever they plan to avail of any services or buy any products that also lie under your area of expertise, they will certainly consider checking your menu out.

We hope that after going through this article, you have learned the importance of graphic design in business and have made up your mind to avail attractive graphic design services to impose a long-lasting impression on your current and future customers. 

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